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I have been doing pilates for 10 years, but it wasn’t until I started working with Tracie Matthews that it all came together for me. Tracie is the most talented, thoughtful pilates instructor I have ever met. She is exceptionally knowledgeable about the human body and is constantly attending seminars and reading about the latest in the Pilates industry. I have neck issues and feel 100% confident that she understands how to both strengthen and protect that area. Tracie is kind and funny and extremely easy to be with – I look forward to my weekly sessions with her. Best of all, my body has completely slimmed down and is much stronger in the two years that I have been working with Tracie. I am delighted to be able to write this recommendation.

– Tama B. 

Pilates with Tracie has been life changing!

I’ve been working with Tracie for about a year and it has been life changing! I was diagnosed with bilateral patellofemoral pain syndrome in March of 2018. Basically my knees were destroyed with no obvious cure in sight. I had been doing traditional physical therapy and kept getting reinjured and was not progressing much. 

Since working with Tracie, I have come such a long way. I went from walking one avenue block a day max, to about two miles a day—PAIN FREE! I feel taller and stronger in my body. Tracie is a true expert and has an intuition about the body that is unsurpassed. I have never met a trainer this dedicated and full of knowledge and patience. 

As of March 2020, we have seamlessly transitioned to an online Pilates practice.  Incredibly, I am still improving! Tracie is able to easily guide and correct my exercise routine via Zoom, which is pretty mind blowing. I feel nothing but grateful to have her as part of my recovery process.

– Sandra B.

Tracie is a wonderful Pilates instructor! 

I like Tracie’s friendly and flexible approach to teaching. She is equally skilled at in-person and virtual instruction. No matter what kind of day I am having, I always feel better after my Pilates lesson with Tracie!

I am very impressed with Trace’s in-depth knowledge of Pilates and the human body. Unlike my prior experience with Pilates, Tracie tailors her teaching to my individual goals and my body’s needs at the time of each lesson. She is not only good at clearly demonstrating and explaining each exercise, but also why my body will benefit. Tracie provides detailed feedback to ensure that I am doing each movement correctly, and patiently coaches me through repetitions until I can better approximate what she has in mind.

I find that Tracie is also great at motivating me to improve. She works hard to ensure that each lesson provides the right mix of challenge and feelings of accomplishment. With Tracie’s encouragement,  I have even started practicing some exercises between lessons—which has greatly increased the benefits!

For these reasons (and more), I am pleased to give Tracie my highest recommendation!

– Karen

Great Pilates Instructor!

I’ve been taking Pilates lessons from Tracie for two years and I’m loving my new body. I’m more flexible, toned, and I have better awareness of my body. My posture and the general way I carry myself is much better. Tracie is an extremely sharp instructor and picks up on absolutely everything I do right and wrong, no matter how small and subtle. I often feel she has a better understand of my body than even I do! She finds the right set of exercises every session that keeps me engaged and working hard without going past my limits. She’s also very engaging and funny and she keeps every lesson going smoothly. I’m thrilled that I found her, she’s a keeper!

– elcidwal

Highly Recommended!

Tracie Matthews is helping me to recover the strength and flexibility that I’ve lost over the last few years. Compared to other Pilates instruction I’ve had in the past, Tracie’s combination of challenge and encouragement is leading to results far more quickly than I expected.

– Grace T.

Fabulous Pilates

I’ve been doing pilates with Tracie two times a week for about four years, and it’s amazing how much I’ve changed. I’ve done mat and machine classes with her and they’re both an amazing workout. I used to be a dancer, and Tracie helped me get back all of my flexibility and range of motion. I recently discovered that I have a pretty severe shoulder injury, and through pilates, Tracie has helped me increase the strength of my shoulder while decreasing the incredible pain I used to feel. I am now able to use my shoulder as if it was 100%. Tracie really knows what she’s doing, and I can’t recommend her enough.

– Rosey J.

Tears of joy rather than tears of pain!

I never thought I would be able to move without pain ever again – I was wrong – thanks to Tracie. Years of crippling arthritis and orthopedic issues caused me to have bilateral knee replacements in 2013. A resulting hip/groin injury, continuing rehab of my knees and building strength is why I sought out Pilates. I have been taking rehab Pilates sessions with Tracie for almost five months and each session has been a life-changing experience. Tracie has assessed my body and movement and has created a tailored program that has facilitated amazing improvements to my health. She is extremely patient with my limited physical capacity and strength; my endless questions and observations; and, general lack of Pilates knowledge and experience. In addition to my physical aspects, she observes how I process information and then presents ideas, instructions, and concepts to me in a way that I can understand and implement. She is a fantastic practitioner and communicates precisely through her verbal cues, personal demonstrations, and corrections. Tracie knows her stuff. Additionally, she keeps me at ease and motivated through the very difficult process of learning how to move with new knees and getting my muscles to respond. Although every session leaves me physically, emotionally, and intellectually exhausted, the results are astounding! I highly recommend Tracie Matthews.

– Nicole L.

Amazing Instructor!

After having my first child via c-section two years ago, I remained totally unfocused on getting back in shape. About 3 months ago, I began pilates with Tracie. In 3 months she has effectively made me more graceful, stronger, and more invested in the body I know I can have. She is an incredibly patient and skilled instructor. Her ability to address specific issues (I have bad knees, etc.) while re-sculpting my entire body is beyond impressive, it’s been inspiring.

  • Pros: Patient, Effective, Expert Knowledge
  • Cons: No cons!
– cmb123

Superb Pilate Instruction

I have been a lifelong yoga practitioner and had once tried Pilates many years ago and thought it was static and dull. But when my husband started working with Tracie I decided to give it another try and am now a complete convert. I have learned about how my body truly works for the first time and have gained a much more profound level of control and ease. Tracie is deeply knowledgeable and tailors every session to work on what I need to take my health to the next level. And on top of her proficiency in helping my body become more graceful and strong, she’s kind, generous and funny. What’s not to love?

– Anne EK

Wonderful individual attention with an instructor who truely cares

Intuitive Motion Pilates gives you one on one training that is specifically catered towards the individual. I absolutely loved my experience here. My very knowledgeable instructor kept me motivated and taught a variety of pilates moves focusing on the areas that I wanted to target. This helped me to not get bored and to use muscles that I wanted to work but did not really know how to. As a result, I am stronger, healthier and fitter. I also learned how to incorporate Pilates into my daily life and to think about exercise differently. I would highly recommend Intuitive Motion Pilates where you can improve yourself in a clean peaceful environment with a highly trained and wonderful teacher.

– Alie T. Ford

A gifted pilates teacher

Tracie is a blessing to work with. She has an impeccable eye, and her ability to articulate exercises and concepts is extraordinary. I worked with her when I was a student of Pilates, and found her sessions to be extremely beneficial as both a teacher and student. I have referred many people to her, from all levels of experience. Tracie is an incredible teacher, she creates results in people. Her knowledge of the body, her meticulous eye, and her warm personality make her a very special teacher that stands out from all the rest.

– Kelly Sully



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