The Shoulder Rotator Cuff

Shoulder rotator cuff injuries are so common, I see them all the time with my clients.There are four rotator muscles:

Supraspinatus - abduction of the arm that is lifting the arm out to the side.

Infraspinatus - externally rotates the arm that is rotating the arm away from the body.

Teres minor - also externally rotates the arm.

Subscapularis - internally rotates the arm - rotating the arm towards the body. Note we cannot actually touch the subscapularis muscle because it is on the underside of the scapular gliding along the ribcage in movement.

One of my favorite rotator cuff exercises is elbows to ribs at a 90 degree angle and open the arms apart like opening a book. Once comfortable with the choreography add a theraband or a 1lb weight. Remember these are small muscles so don’t push and if anything hurts stop immediately.


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