Summer Balance Challenge – Stand Up Paddle Boarding aka SUP

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is one of my favorite summer activities. It is just wonderful because anyone can do it and have a full body workout. It is also good to know that you can sit on your board and kayak. This is a great option if you get tired or scared, just have seat paddle yourself home. The first thing I learned on a SUP board was how to change levels from kneeling on the board to standing and I know my Pilates training definitely helped. Balance is key and having good squat training really helps.

Now the fear of being on a body of water standing on board is a totally other thing to manage. That’s why it’s important to gear up. SUP is an amazing experience, especially when wearing my PFD aka life jacket. Definitely make sure to have your Personal Flotation Device (PFD), Dry bag for snacks and one for your smart phone, a safety whistle, board ankle strap. The board ankle strap really comes in handy because if you fall in it will definitely keep your board near you.

Also, if your balance is feeling good try combining the core engagement of paddling with the controlled movements of Pilates to create a unique workout in an incredibly scenic place. Either way enjoy the ride! Take photos because gliding effortlessly across a calm lake, surrounded by breathtaking scenery is just the best part of a beautiful summer day.




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